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iPhone 6S ringer Buzzer

iPhone 6S ringer Buzzer Spare part is an interchangeable part.
Test before positioning with the motherboard.
While Testing concentrate on films and tags shouldn’t remove or tamper due to improper use.
iPhone 6S ringer Buzzer is tested and guaranteed with fast shipping and easy returns.

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The Product which u see is iPhone 6S Ringer Buzzer .
iPhone 6S Ringer Buzzer is a high quality and affordable repair part.
iPhone 6S having problem with don’t hear any sound with Loudspeaker or ringing and its not working properly replace it with below Product.
The iPhone 6S replacement ringer buzzer original will make alert sounds crisp and clear again. So you can say goodbye to audio issues and have.
Ringer Buzzer is designed to work perfectly with your iPhone 6S.
The image below use to present product is just for reference
Actual product will be different from image.

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