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Nokia 3.1 TA-1049 TA-1057 TA-1063 TA-1070 LCD Screen Display + Touch Screen - Black

Please be noted that the picture is for reference only. Details refer to the description!
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This screen is compatible with Nokia 3.1 TA-1049 TA-1057 TA-1063 TA-1070. Be sure to identify your phone correctly before purchase (if you are unsure if the model of your phone is welcome to ask us or you can check the back of the battery on your phone, there should be the model of your phone).

1.Professional is highly recommended! Please watch tutorial videos before disassembling on youtube!
2.Unplug the battery cable or turn off the phone before installation.
3.The flex cable is very sensitive and is easily damaged. Please make sure the flex cable is in good condition and there is no debris in the connector.
4. Test before installation Do not remove protective film or tags during the test.
Before attempting any repair, be sure to ground yourself is an ESD (electrostatic discharge) strip.
6. We strongly suggest testing before installation. If this does not work, contact us for the first time. And please do not force the installation on the mobile phone. We will not be responsible when the screen is installed.

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